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Supertram 21st Anniversary Selfie
To celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the completion of the Supertram network, we have teamed up with artist Pete McKee in an exiting project. For further information, click more.
What does the PID say?
PID is our new Passenger Information Display system. You’ll have probably noticed these displays have appeared across the Supertram network recently. We’re working closely with our colleagues at the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and the equipment supplier to get these displays up and running. Right now, they’re still in test. This means that sometimes you’ll see a generic message, other times you might see some random characters and symbols...... 
Rail Replacement Update - 21 July
Today is the last day of works to replace worn out track along City Road. From Wednesday 22 July, works move to Granville Street. As a result, the B8 replacement bus services returns to it's normal route via City Road. For more information please check the Weekly Update by clicking MORE