Area 1 Rail Replacement - Planned 19 April to 02 June 2019

25 Mar 2019


  • Middlewood Road / Taplin Road bus stop can now be served by the Y1 replacement bus.  
  • The Y1 and B1 replacement buses will begin to operate on 'Route C' a day earlier than advertised. 'Route C' will now come into operation from the start of service on Sunday 26 May 2019.

What's happening?

From Friday 19 April 2019 to Sunday 02 June 2019, trams cannot operate beyond Hillsborough tram stop due to rail replacement work taking place.

Between these dates a replacement bus service will operate on one of three routes:

  • Route A - From 19 April to 22 April, the Y1 replacement bus service will operate a circular route between Malin Bridge and Middlewood.
  • Route B - From 23 April to 26 May, the Y1 replacement bus will operate between Hillsborough and Middlewood and the B1 replacement bus will operate between Hillsborough and Malin Bridge. 
  • Route C - From 26 May to 02 June, the Y1 replacement bus will operate between Hillsborough and Middlewood, and the B1 replacement bus will operate between Hillsborough and Malin Bridge.

During area 1, the Blue Route and Yellow Route tram timetables will change to allow trams time to turn short of the terminus. Please check tram timetables before you travel.

You can download our Area 1 leaflet for full details of these works, including replacement timetables.

Find local bus service disruption here. SL1/a services, times and route are unchanged during rail replacement works.

During this year's work, Malin Bridge and Middlewood Park and Ride will be offering free parking, just pay for your travel!

For details of road closures, visit Sheffield City Council's website here.


Where else have we made information available?

  • Leaflets on trams
  • Public and business drop-in events
  • Door drop to affected households 
  • Message on Passenger Information Displays at tram stops
  • Emails sent to stakeholders - Sheffield Councillors, community and disability groups, user groups and businesses etc
  • Regular posts on social media - @SCSupertram - @TSYalerts - @TravelSYorks
  • Individual letter drop by Volker Rail to local residents and businesses directly affected by the works
  • Announcements on trams
  • Posters at affected Park and Ride sites
  • Street Team (Trambassadors) on trams
  • Emails sent to Supertram newsletter and planned disruption subscribers 
  • Posters and signage at tram stops
  • Staff at affected tram stops
  • Regular updates on the TSY disruptions page
  • Information available via Traveline (01709 515151)
  • FAQ's

Upcoming drop-in Events 

Feel free to come ask us any questions you have on this year's works. Keep an eye out for new dates being added!


Future planned works

  • Area 2 Shalesmoor towards Hillsborough: Planned 3 June to 18 July 2019
  • Area 3 Shalesmoor: Planned 22 July to 25 July 2019
  • Area 4 Hillsborough Corner to Holme Lane: 26 July to 9 August 2019
  • Area 5 University of Sheffield: 25 August to 30 August 2019

For details of these future works please see our Rail Replacement overview page.